To Teens Help Other People!
501c3 Community Service Program
Mission is to empower and aid youth (5 - 17) and adults to volunteer in their communities, encourage members to train others, develop leadership skills, promote healthy habits, and create mentoring/mentee relationships, which will lead to productive and positive citizens.
TeenHOP Pledge
Decide To Be A Productive And Positive Citizen EVERYDAY!
“I pledge to help others in my community and be a good citizen. I will have a positive attitude, teach others, learn new skills, and respect all people. I am a person who helps other people. TEENHOP!
Gracelyn Leath was 13 years old and Brooke Leath was 12 years old when they Co-founded Teens Help Other People, Inc - TeenHOP with the assistance of their mother, Dr. Nancia Leath, PH.D, LPC, NCC, CPCS.

TeenHOP started September 15, 2012 because Gracelyn and Brooke wanted to volunteer with their friends in their community. Their first service community event took place at an elderly residential home. TeenHOP is now a 501c3 non-profit organization. Gracelyn and Brooke now travel and do presentations to encourage other youth to lead others to volunteer in their communities. They enjoy helping others in need and want all youth to experience the excitement of giving back.

If you will like for Gracelyn and Brooke to speak to your youth in order to encourage them to volunteer and learn why it is important to volunteer please email them at info@teenhop.com. Expect to have fun during the process! TeenHOP!
  1. 01
    TeenHOP members volunteer with TeenHOP Clubs and other community volunteering programs in order to record their services hours for FREE. Record hours are randomly checked for integrity. Members can request their volunteering data at anytime.
  2. 02
    TeenHOP Leadership Camps are offered every year in different states in the USA. TeenHOP has partnered with Toastmasters International in order to assist members with their presentation skills. Also partnered with Inward Core Healthcare Services to provide counseling and self-esteem development.
  3. 03
    TeenHOP encouraged adults and young adults to mentor others by encouraging members to volunteer, attend leadership training and aid in developing positive social behaviors, skills, and attitudes.